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Marbella Royal Clinic is the best clinic in Spain for highly advanced and innovative treatments using cutting edge technologies. Located at the heart of Marbella, in Elviria Hills, our advanced clinic offers a wide range of state-of-the-art treatments, including the latest renew therapy, precision medicine, severe chronic pain management and medical laser for mini-invasive surgeries.

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Marbella Royal Clinic is focused to treat chronic and incurable diseases by taking a holistic approach for the complete mind and body healing.


Marbella Royal Clinic aims to instil hope and offer a positive patient experience with our advanced treatments that are least invasive and aid the body to heal naturally.


We are a Med-Tech team that comprises of best healthcare professionals and technology experts, specialized in providing the most advanced treatments using cutting edge technologies.



We got you covered for all your medical requirements, be it addressing chronic illness or getting aesthetic treatments. We believe that proper consultation is the first and most important step in any treatment to understand and assess what treatment is suitable for you. Contact us and avail your first free consultation.



Our specialists at the Marbella Royal Clinic in Elviria, believe in an integrated approach to the physical as well as mental wellbeing of every, individual patient. Hence, we also offer psychological counselling as a core element of every treatment or programme of treatments.



We prioritise your safety and offer minimally invasive treatments with a quick recovery period. Our treatments are carried out only after a complete assessment of the patient and diagnosis by the expert team of doctors.



We ensure satisfying patient care post-treatment. Our team of expert doctors suggest required recommendations upon completion of the treatment. Also, we insist on a follow-up consultation which is completely free of charge.

Restoring Health and Happiness with Cutting-Edge Treatments and Natural Healing.


At Marbella Royal Clinic, we understand that each patient requires individual attention and customized approach. Hence, we ensure a complete health check-up and through analysis by our renowned team of doctors for each patient visiting the clinic in Elviria and provide treatment and care as per the patient’s needs.


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Ratings by the Patients

Best Osteoarthritis

Martha Sweeney

MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon

about a year ago

I am undergoing treatment for osteoarthritis with Renew® therapy. To be honest, I am extremely happy to recover and gain my mobility back. Also, the pain has diminished by leaps and bound. Thanks to the professional team of doctors, Dr. Luque and Dr.Galán.

Best Osteoarthritis

Manuel López

MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon

about a year ago

I have been feeling low and weak due to excessive stress, which was affecting my everyday life. I visited Marbella Royal Clinic and started seeing positive results within a few months, thanks to their Precision Intravenous Therapy. My energy levels have improved drastically and I feel rejuvenated.

Laura Martinez

MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon MRC Top Rating Star Icon

about a year ago

I went to Marbella Royal Clinic's Elviria office to receive a chemical peeling treatment. The improvement in my facial skin is impressive and it feels completely rejuvenated. Even the process was short and painless. I am happy and recommend it.


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Best Renew Treatment in Spain

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