7 Ways Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Create an Impactful Future for the Healthcare Industry

Through the looking glass, we attempt to see how a deadly disease like Corona is shaping the future of the healthcare industry by bringing innovations and transformations.

While it is difficult to be optimistic during dark times but being hopeful is a sign that we will resurrect stronger like a phoenix from these ashes left by the COVID-19 (Corona) virus. Here, we have listed how this deadly virus can prove to be a major metamorphosis moment for the healthcare industry.

Medical Innovation Upsurge: The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought together technology innovators and scientific masterminds to brainstorm and develop solutions that can not only curb the COVID-19 virus but also build preparedness for the future. One such example is Google’s DeepMind, which is analyzing years of scientific data to determine the protein structure of this virus to develop the drug for not only this particular virus but also to tackle many such viruses in the future.

Technology, the true catalyst: Technology plays a key role in any industrial disruption. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has yet again proven to be a catalyst and is aiding the healthcare sector in tracking, monitoring and managing the disease. Many tech companies are building AI solutions to predict an outbreak like this and analyse the risks associated with it. This will help in building preventive measures, well in advance.

Also, telemedicine and digital clinics have become a norm during the quarantine. Doctors can remotely diagnose the patients using health apps and supply medicine using drones. There’s also a possibility of building Robots to take care of the basic patient needs, to ensure the safety of the healthcare personnel.

Moreover, other advanced technologies like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data can be intelligently utilized to track such deadly diseases and prevent an outbreak through effective medicinal/scientific data management.

Extensive Clinical Trials and R&D: Finding vaccines for powerful viruses like COVID-19 can be a lengthy process and could take many years. The pandemics of past, such as plague or smallpox, were successfully eradicated due to extensive researches in finding the cure. Today, we are much more advanced in terms of medicinal science and this would pave the way to conduct deeper studies and researches about such diseases and help the world to fight before an attack. The scientific community along with the pharmaceutical industry, government and other stakeholders have speed-up the process with increased lab set-ups and clinical trials across the world. This is a breakthrough for the medical industry, as the vaccines/treatments would also help in combating other equally fatal diseases.

Quality of Healthcare with Quantity: With the COVID-19 virus spreading like fire, many governments across the world have built a greater number of hospitals and health centres in no time to care for the increasing number of affected people. Moreover, digital solutions are further widening the reach by enabling doctors and nurses to conduct remote consultations and monitoring of patients. This only reassures that going forward, quality healthcare can be made available to more number of people, across different strata of society.

Increase in Investments and Funding: Currently, the healthcare sector is under tremendous pressure to combat the pandemic. But, the crisis also puts the industry at a pedestal, with the whole world realizing the importance of a fully functional healthcare system. This would lead to increased investments and funding in terms of building more facilities, conducting medical research, spending on insurance, enabling companies to build digital solutions, and more.

Rise in Job Opportunities: The increased focus on the healthcare industry will automatically bring more job opportunities. The demand for quality medical professionals and service providers will see a surge in the post-Corona era.

True Heroes of the Hour: The crisis has made the world realize that not all superheroes wear capes, and weapons aren’t the only thing saving the world. Saving lives is saving the world, thanks to the brave and selfless doctors, nurses, and other medical workers. The world is looking at them with gratitude.

Today, we realize that building strong armies is not enough. A strong healthcare system is equally needed to safeguard the world. This puts the healthcare industry above everything else, and the governments across the world will acknowledge it.

Watch this TEDx talk by Bill Gates, who predicted an epidemic situation like this, which will not be any less than fighting a war. He also throws light on why the world needs to spend more on strengthening the field of medicine and healthcare, than building arms.