Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is the most mobile of our body, with a complex system of structures that allow it to reach those ranges of movement without compromising its stability.

The articular face of the scapula articulating with the humeral head is relatively small, so we have a cartilaginous rim that makes it more congruent, the labrum, and a joint capsule reinforced by ligaments. The tendons of the rotator cuff contribute to its stability as well as providing it with extraordinary mobility. The causes of pain in the shoulder are multiple and range from proper joint conditions to referred pain of cervical, cardiac or pleural / pulmonary origin.

It’s really common to simplify that the majority of shoulder pain cases come from the tendons of the rotator cuff and it is not like that; each structure can be a cause of pain, so many exploratory maneuvers have been postulated to determine the origin of the pain. In the shoulder, more perhaps than in any other structure, we consider fundamental the clinical interview and the exploration, since the imaging tests, MRI and ultrasound, fundamentally, show changes in many occasions – and more with age or if there are sport or occupational activities that put great stress on the shoulder – which may not be the cause of the patient’s pain at that time.

We will mention some of the most frequent shoulder painful conditions:
  • Tendinopathy / partial rupture of rotator cuff tendons
  • Tenosynovitis of the long portion of the biceps.
  • Osteoarthritis / acromio-clavicular arthritis
  • Subacromial bursitis.
  • Subacromial impingement.
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Labrum tears / SLAP

At MRC we make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain and propose the most appropriate treatment. Injections associated with Ozone, analgesic laser and physiotherapy are very effective for tendon, bursitis and labrum lesions. In cases of partial, incomplete or even complete tendon rupture with little retraction, the use of cell therapy has provided great results

Dr. Maria Luque del mar

Medical Director

Dr. Luque is a prestigios specialist with more than 20 years of experience in regenarative & aesthetic medicine.She is an expert in Renew treatment derived from fat. Outstanding curriculum in medicine & research ‘Cum Laude’ by the University of Malaga & in Sweden.