Precision Intravenous Therapy
in Marbella

Test the form for browser accessibility to check if it's displayed broken while working on it. Precision Intravenous Therapy (PIT) is used to infuse vitamins and nutrients directly into the patient ́s body through their vein.

MRC Precision Intravenous Therapy

One of the most popular treatments, PIT helps in strengthening the immune system, combating fatigue and stress, rehydrating and detoxifying. Our bodies absorb only 50 % of vitamins when administered orally. Whereas, the absorption rate goes up to at least 90% when they are infused intravenously. This is one of the reasons why patients have witnessed immediate and excellent results after the treatment.

With a team of the expert medical professional, Marbella Royal Clinic is one of the best medical centres for Precision Intravenous Therapy treatment. We take a holistic approach and ensure that the patients can notice immediate results both, physically and mentally.

At Marbella Royal Clinic, our team of renowned doctors create a fully customised formulation of intravenous fluids, based on the patients’ medical assessment. The doses of each ingredient are calculated by powerful computers and software to meet the specific needs of each patient in an exact and precise manner.

The Precision Intravenous Therapy is also used to fight against bacterial and viral infections, such as the flu. Recently in China, studies have shown that vitamin C infusions are highly effective in treating coronavirus symptoms. The other benefits of precision intravenous therapy include overcoming depression, sexual disorders, permanent chronic pain and various types of addiction.

The list of disease treated with precision intravenous fluids:

  • Anxiety/stress/burn out
  • Asthma
  • Infectious Disease: Fungi, Viruses,bacteria, Parasites
  • Malnutrition Syndrome
  • Cancer Supportive Treatment
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Hangover
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning
  • Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Biochemical/Environmental
  • Intestinal Dysfunction
  • Intestinal Malabsorption
  • Immunodeficiency

Who is it for?

Precision Intravenous Therapy can be used to treat severaldiseases.(Please check the list above)

What results can I expect?

You can see immediate results of the Precision Intravenous Therapy. You can feel energised, hydrated, and overall feel better, physically and mentally, soon after the treatment. On a long-term basis, precision intravenous therapy can help in overcoming depression, sexual disorders, permanent chronic pain and various types of addiction.

Why should I do it?

Strengthens the Immune System

Increases Energy Levels

Helps to Improve and Restore Natural Beauty

No Side-effects

Improves Athletic Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Intravenous or IV Therapy delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into the patient ́s body through their veins. It is used to boost and strengthen the immune system, combat fatigue and stress, improve energy levels and athletic performance, rehydrate, detoxify and improve one’s overall health and beauty from within. It is also used to help fight against infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Precision intravenous therapy can also help in overcoming depression, sexual disorders, permanent chronic pain and various types of addiction.
Yes, it certainly does. You will start noticing the effects immediately after a single session. You will notice improved energy levels and generally feel fit and healthy, physically as well as mentally.
At Marbella Royal Clinic, our patients undergo a thorough medical check-up, which helps our medical experts to assess and address the patient’s specific medical requirement. Once this is done, a precise and customised mixture of different vitamins and essential nutrients is formulated by our specialists to administer intravenously. It can be used to boost your immune system after surgery or major illness, eliminate stress and fatigue due to burnout, replenish any essential nutrients that your body lacks, and relieve chronic pain.
The IV fluids will remain in your body until they are metabolised and/or excreted. Different nutrients are metabolised at different rates but the advantages of administering them intravenously as opposed to orally are enormous. Our bodies absorb only 50% of the nutrients when taken orally. Whereas intravenously, this percentage jumps to over 90%, making it an extremely effectiveprocedure.
As with any procedure, there can be mild complications. But they are extremely rare, especially when the procedure is carried out by an expert medical professional.
There is a misconception regarding the IV infusion procedure, and many refer it to hospitalization during serious illness. And that is one of the reasons to have this incorrect perception of it being dangerous.However it is not true. Intravenous therapy provides with the possibility of administering nutrients and natural elements in aneffective manner and get immediate results. This treatment is completely safe and common in the field of anti-ageing medicine. But not all medical centres are qualified to carry it out.
No, pre-treatment is not required for IV Therapy.