Psychological Counselling
In Marbella

Often without even realising it, our psychological state determines and affects our physical state.

 Top Psychological Counselling Clinic

At our top clinic, we have the best doctors who strongly believe that those who attain a harmonious balance within themselves will not only benefit from psychological health but physical health as well. Through caring for the whole person, body, and mind, the road to complete health is a smoother one. Our therapists here in Spain are here to help you achieve that equilibrium and overcome whatever it is that you are facing. Our approach is an integrated one that is unique to each individual patient and psychological counselling is included as a core element in every programme and course of treatments.

There is a broad range of conditions that psychological counselling can solve and our specialists can help you to stop smoking, face your fears and phobias, alleviate your stress and even improve your sexual life. Not only that, but in doing do so, you will also avoid a number of diseases in the future. Our therapists treat people of all ages and deal with a multitude of disorders: neurodevelopmental disorders, anxiety, and dissociative disorders, eating and sleep disorders, conduct and personality disorders, depressive and addictive disorders as well as neurocognitive disorders. We successfully treat patients with somatic symptoms, bipolar disorder, impulse control disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, and PTSD.

As you can see, psychological counselling has an incredibly broad range of applications and our speciality is to help our patients manage the delicate equilibrium of their psyche so as to be able to live healthy and balanced lives.